Pedicure 4Life Product

Oasis Spa's Nature Retreat Pedicure$60

This pedicure offers a luxurious apricot seed body scrub that will enrich your skin. Then you v the cooling gel that will give you a calming sensation on the lower legs. The cooling gel helps aching muscles and soreness. Finish off with a white tea extract body lotion that locks in moisture massage for better skin. This pedicure also includes a hand and arm massage. Enjoy 30 foot and hands COOLING MASSAGE GEL

The Oasis Indulgence with Hot Stones$75

All natural treatment that includes a rich natural apricot seed body scrub to gently exfoliate away the dead dry skin. This exfoliates will leave the skin smooth and glowing. Followed by the cooling gel that helps with muscle aches and soreness in the lower legs. Next, you can enjoy a layer of the mineral mud mask that is rich in proteins and pulls the impurity from your pores. Ending with our most popular lotion and hot stones that leaves your skin so silky soft. You also get 35 foot, hand cooling massage gel with this pedicure.

Oasis Essential Oil Pedicure with Hot Stones$85

Improves blood circulation Due to a sedentary lifestyle, many peoples don't use their feet muscles properly, thus impeding good blood flow. You get a 30' foot massage with hot stones and your choice of essential oils help in transporting oxygen to the body cells, which is essential health and a 20' hand, arm, and neck massage with the essential oils. This pedicure will have fresh, relax, or restored.
30' foot  & 10' hand and including collagen Socks

Brisa Detox Pedicure with Cup Detox Tea$85

Let's Detoxify and reenergize your body to help your energy Start with soaking your feet in warm blend of Herbal Detox Tea. Followed by cuticle trimming, toenails shaping and heel smoothing. Then a gentle using Enummi body Scrub to remove dead and dry skin. Continue the Detoxifying process with a mixture of 4 LIFE Herbal Tea and Mud Mask containing Kaolin ultra fine natural mineral clay, Spiraling maxima extract more than 50 nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It's high in antioxidants to extract impurities through pores while your legs are wrapped in hot towels leaving your skin conditioned and toned. Enjoy a nice legs with Brisa Essential oil that bring a strong aromatic note of eucalyptus and fresh herbs as an uplifting tonic for the body. And cooling massage GEL To help features a blast,


From our spa to your home. This pedicure includes a trim, shape, and cuticle care. Then you get a wonderful foot massage with our ENUMMI Spa products with an exfoliating scrub and COOLING massage GEL (10') with Intensive Lotion. You also get a hand and arm massage with this pedicure! We want our clients to feel fully refreshed and restored after their visit. ($40)
Then take home one of our 4 life body scrubs for home shower to keep your skin so smooth a month ($30). 

4 Life Pedicure For Diabetics$75

Here at Oasis Spa we want our diabetic clients to have the best care for their feet. Our diabetic clients need to have good upkeep with their pedicures getting them every 3 weeks. Our staff is very gentle with the callus treatments and trimming of the nails. Our pedicure offers an exfoliation scrub, cooling gel, and intensive lotion. The intensive lotion helps with the diabetics dry cracking skin and the cooling gel helps with lower leg soreness. )You also get a hand and arm massage with this pedicure we want our clients to feel fully refreshed after 20' foot and hand. Include callus treatment ($45)
Then take foot treatment crème to use at home to keep your heels from drying out and cracking causing your heel to turn smooth. ($30

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Body Scrub$35
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Calma Vida$35

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Callus treatment does not always remove the callus at once, you may need 2-4 sessions $5. We sale our foot treatment crème here for $28 if you want to bring one home to use daily!


Neck and shoulder rub cooling massage gel 10'        $15