Ask about Vinylux, CND shellac, OPI, Gelish, IBD for a longer lasting polish!

Classic Callus Treatment : Callus Softener and foot file help take off dry, dead skin $5
Deluxe Callus Treatment : classic callus treatment, dip feet in paraffin wax to help maintain smooth, soft skin $10

Tension, stress & fatigue will melt away as your feet soak in pedicure basin while massaging chair works on your back. Take your time in selecting your pedicure with more than 20 pedicures to choose from. Then close your eyes and relax….. Oasis spa loves team work, enjoy your foot massage courtesy of our massage therapists.

Gel Pedicure: $50
Gel Pedicure is the latest solution for busy people who require their Pedicure to last when their are wearing hell ,longer without chipping or fading, while you are at pool or beach, no time to drying. You will have all the essential steps of classic Pedicure. Finishing with the best 10 minutes massage and hot towels wrapping on your feet . Good for summer and winter. Gel is the best no dry time polish ever.

Classic Spa Pedicure: $30
Sit back and relax in a comfortable massaging pedicure chair and soak in whirlpool tub to experience a great pedicure. Trim and shaping of nails, clean up cuticles, 5 minute massage with moisturizing lotion, your feet and legs wrapped with hot towels, and polished to finish.

Deluxe Pedicure: $36
Your feet will feel wonderful after your legs have been exfoliated with a citrus scrub, then massaged with a mango lotion and classic spa pedicure, finished with polish.

Iceland Spa Pedicure: $42
Refresh your dry feet with an exfoliating sea salt scrub and marine mask, following by a classic spa pedicure, cooling gel relieves tired, aching feet, finished with polish of your choice.

Natural Pedicure: $42
This traditional pedicure begins with herbal mineral bath dropped into water that has a combination of 21 herbs, soothing and relaxing bathing experience while it conditions and nurtures the skin . Next, enjoy a 20-minute massage on your legs, feet with Liquid Body Lufra for exfoliation, and Baobab Body Butter for moisture.

Oasis Signature : $50
The ultimate experience in renewing your feet. 25 minute foot massage includes everything needed to refresh your feet: peppermint scrub, marine mask, cooling gel and massage session with hot stone to increase blood circulation. Recommended for gentlemen.

Milk and Honey Pedicure: $50
One of our signature spa pedicures and the most popular choice of clients for a tired, busy day at work. Classic Spa pedicure followed by 20’ massage with mandarin massage oil and hot stones. Hot stones help in smoothing, normalizing, balancing your feet and legs. Receive exfoliation with brown sugar scrub that reveals your softer, radiant legs and nutrient rich milk and honey lotion to finish your experience.

Green Tea Pedicure: $50
Contains antioxidants that fight and prevent cell damage as skin matures. Use of green tea scrub, 20’ min hot stone massage or paraffin dip, green tea lotion all help to promote health.

Anti-Aging Organic Your Choice Vanilla Bean, Tangerine, Guava–Mango, Lemongrass—Winter melon: $55
An extremely effective oriental way to rejuvenate and prevent aging of your skin. After classic spa pedicure your feet will be exfoliated by your choice of scrub to reveal your softer, more radiant legs. Then a natural firming masque with lifting massage techniques will increase your skin elasticity while reduce wrinkles on your lower extremities. An extensive hot stone and body butter massage session adds more relaxation. Thinking about to keep up young appearance of your legs? Try it now!

Lemon Drop Spa Pedicure: $60
An upscale version of Milk and Honey Spa Pedicure with a combination of extra hot stone massage session and a warm paraffin wax treatment are applied to sooth and relax your muscle tension and moisturize dry skin. This treatment will benefit of lime oil will carry away your stress and help with soreness from arthritis.

You & Margarita Spa Pedicure: $65
We invite you to enjoy our premium Margarita Spa Pedicure as healthy treatment for your feet. A mix of red wine, sugar, salt, and some drops of citrus creates a wonderful margarita scrub that nourish tired tissue while dissolve dull, dead cells, revealing healthy skin. Next is a holistic foot massage with hot stones and aromatic essential oils for a soothing treatment. To complete this invigorating pedicure, your feet will be dipped in a marvelous warm paraffin wax treatment. Your beautiful, healthy feet and toes are now truly ready for a new day!

Yo-La-La Spa Pedicure: $65
Have your feet gently smothered in a spa soak made especially for you. Sit and let the world slip by as you sip on glass of wine. The exfoliating Yogurt scrub will moisturize your skin, and a natural yogurt mask will cool down your mind while radiating your feet. Then given a luxurious foot massage with hot stone that will make you feel beautiful inside and gorgeous outside.

Foot Detox Pedicure: $50
This treatment consists of soaking in whirlpool pedicure tub, followed by exfoliating your legs with tangerine—orange scrub, then massage with creamy lotion and wrapped with warm towels. Hot Stone massage adds more wonderful relaxation. After polishing, your feet will be placed on a warm Himalaya Salt Foot Detox rock for 10-15’ to draw out toxins and impurities from your body. The salt in antimicrobial, antiseptic, hypoallergenic, and ionic. These blocks will not only detoxify the body, they will also soften the skin and helps relieve stress and promote relaxation after a long day.

Classic Natural Pedicure: $55
Massage with all natural products including liquid body lufra, sole solution, and baobab body butter. 20’ hot stone massage or paraffin dip.

Pearl Spa Pedicure: $55
Enjoy our new top of the line products. First we use Anti-Bacterial gel to cleanse and refresh your skin. We use Anti-Bacterial Soap to soften feet. Exotic beauty secrets from the deep blue seas are used in the creation of these products, Sugar Scrub to help stimulate skin cell growth. The next step is to apply nutrient rich lotion with 30 minute massage. Finally, we use our paraffin dip to help soothe, repair, and rejuvenate your skin.

Aromatherapy Pedicure: $55
Aromatherapy reduces stress, anxiety, and boost energy levels so soak your feet in a tub filled with essential oils, with a 30’ massage with hot stone, and aromatic lotion.

Ice Cream Pedicure: $55
Hot weather outside, indulge yourself with chocolate or coffee scented sugar scrub, 30 ’ hot stone massage or paraffin dip, and chocolate or coffee lotion. Finishing with cooling gel to give your legs instant relief.

Hot Stone Pedicure: $55
Help relax and work out sore muscles, aches and pains in the feet and calves. The pedicure includes the
amenities from the regular pedicure. In addition 30’ minute warm hot stones with essential oils. Dip your
feet into warm moisturizing paraffin and help relieve arthritis.

Rose & Champagne Pedicure: $65
Enjoy a luxurious pedicure treatment which removes dead skin cells, deeply hydrates and helps fade age spots. The scrub , mask and butter lotion added rose extraction utilizes the powerful antioxidant and exfoliating properties of the grape. This is one of our longest massage including hot stones and foot reflexology.