Nails Enhancement

If you want an extension for natural nails, try artificial nails. We offer a variety of powder from regular to Tammy Taylor that fit perfectly your budget and desire. You can enhance the beauty of your nails by doing nail art on them for special events or daily activities. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call or stop by for more information on services, current promotions and custom options.

We offer the finest gel nail services. Gel Manicure, Gel Pedicure last longer and no waiting time for dry. Clients will leave with perfect nails shaped and colored the right way. It’s an excellent choice for your busy schedule.

Our salon provides a dipping system that is natural and healthy to your real nails. SNS dipping powder has no odor, no liquid, no primer and no UV light and really good for your nails


Healthy powder Nails

A very clear, natural like gel powder special for sensitive or brittle nails and for first-time getting nails done.

$35 -Full set                             $25-Fill in

Crystal Pink & White

A professional and high-class looking for your nails. UV Gel cover will seal your nails at the last step to create a shiny looking lasting until next filling schedule.

$55 – Full set         $30 -Fill Pink                     $40 -Fill Pink & White

Crystal Color Powder

Highest quality & long lasting like Pink & White plus having a choice of more than 50 colors and even coordinate many colors on your nails. Very stylish and outstanding!

$65 – Full set  $30 -Fill Pink base  $35 -Fill Crystal base  $45 & up – Fill multi

Liquid Gel Enhancement Set

Thin, clear, flexible, light weight and nonporous, liquid gel is a great enhancement if you want a very natural loooking for your nails. In addition, color is shiny and never chipped.

$65 – Full Set

Nail Design

Ready for special occasions or just simply get something prettier than plain? A little drawing on your fingers will create a big impression. Choose a hundreds available nail art at our spa or we will customize your ideas.

$5 & up

Healthy powder nails with Gel color


$50 Full set      $40 Fill in