Nail Bar

Oasis Signature Manicure: $50
This detailed manicure begins with a hand exfoliating treatment to eliminate dead skin. Then, a paraffin treatment is applied to help rejuvenate and hydrate your skin. Your nails and cuticles are cared for, followed by a tension-relief massage from hand to elbow. Complete your experience with a gel polish of choice.

Long Lasting, High Shine Gel Manicure: $35
A Gel Manicure is the latest solution for busy people who require their manicure to last longer without chipping or fading. You will have all the essential steps of a classic manicure with two different options of polish-shellac or gel polish. Your nail technician can recommend the ideal choice for you. Finishing with hands cream massage

Hot Stone Manicure: $30
A wonderful corporation of senses: touch and smell! Soothing strokes along the spines and melt tight muscles by heated smooth basalt stones with essential oils. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, also improves circulation while aroma oil helps calm your hands and spirit

Herbal Hot Oil Manicure: $28
Great for dry hands. Our collagen gloves help to prevent collagen and elastin breakdown. After cleaning cuticle and shaping of classic manicure, your fingers will be dipped into warm herbal oil that will boost your skin’s hydration.

Healthy Hand Manicure: $25
A weekly manicure can do wonders for your nails and cuticles. Not only will a weekly manicure promote nail growth, your nails will also become stronger with each manicure. Shape, cuticle detail, light exfoliation with tropical scrub and massage with Milk & Honey moisturizing sensations. Recommended for gentleman.

Night Out Manicure: $18
Trim, clean cuticle and massage with Mango lotion. Regular polish to complete the look. Enjoy night out with beautiful hands .

Organic Manicure: $30
Beautifully formulated from Pure Organics and Certified Pure Organic Compounds. Holds Naturals Manicure Longer! Free from harmful chemicals, vegan & NO Bad 5: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Camphor.

Want a long lasting polish for your hands and feet that will last you for several weeks? Unlike traditional nail polish, soak-off gel polish is painted on and each layer is “cured” under a LED light with no dry time. Soak-off gel come in a wide variety of colors and finishes. It’ll last you though endless days at the pool, vacation, or at the beach without chipping!

*Price is extra added on to any pedicure.

* Price: Gel Color: $20 Gel French: $25 Vinylux: $5